Monday, April 4, 2011

Help a Brother Out

The other night, I asked Zack to go get his jammies and put them on. This (of course) usually is delayed by something, but this time it was taking an unusually long time. And then I heard the boys giggling. 

That is usually a sign of trouble.

So I went to check it out and discovered Zack had decided he was going to help Austin put on HIS jammies (which he's never done before). Well, we decided to let them have at it, and low and behold - they did it! Of course, Zack wasn't in HIS jammies, but he was more worried about helping his brother, so we figured thatt was an ok reason for delay.

And here's the end result - Zack was appropriately wearing his 'big brother' shirt.


Now, I'd love to tell you that these first two pictures were where we started, but I've pledged to be honest with you, so.... 

The following three pictures were the ones that were actually taken first, after some pushing and shoving (then apparently they were able to stand and be sweet to each other).

Hey, I'll take it. Every house needs kindness and compassion - along with a little silliness.

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