Saturday, January 23, 2010

Local Happenings…

So today…

  • Austin tried to “help” vacuum. This led to vacuuming taking significantly longer than usual. Apparently a one year old holding on to (and pulling on) the cord does not help vacuuming efficiency.
  • Kirby (our pug) took a pill with no problem at all. Except there was ONE problem: The pill wasn’t for him. No he won’t be keeling over any time soon. It was just a buffered aspirin I was TRYING to give Maizie (Our Jack Russell Terrier who hurt her back…AGAIN). Just more proof that Kirby will eat anything…literally.
  • Austin tested his climbing abilities. He emptied a basket, turned it upside down, put it next to the bookshelf and then stood on top of it. Of course, I missed all of this except the part where he was standing on top of it. There were no injuries sustained.
  • Zack answered my cell phone when my mom called today (he had permission). The problem? My mom thought it was me and proceeded to tell “me” what she got Zack for his birthday. Zack was VERY excited… Luckily, he ended up thinking she was talking about something he’d already gotten for Christmas.

Who knew so much could happen when you don’t even leave the house? ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Did you know...?

...that today Mr. Freeze and Batgirl got married? They had a wonderful wedding. There was cake and eating and dancing. They now live in a castle and Batman came to live with them, too. You may say, "But I thought they didn't get along!" Well, apparently they DO! And that's why they got married.

What's that? You didn't know that? Well, neither did I...until Zack told me all about it. ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

“Sew” What?

So, I’m pretty sure I’m not a “good” blogger… At least, I’m not if a “good” blogger is one who posts regularly and keeps her readers (if they exist) entertained and enlightened. If that’s the standard, I fail. Fortunately, I think most my “readers” are friends and family who know me, and my scatter-brained ways. *whew* Well, there’s a load off.

Now, to a random posting that may or may not entertain or enlighten you (you’ve been warned).

So I recently rediscovered sewing. Ok, so I knew sewing existed and people did that sort of thing, but I hadn’t touched a sewing machine in ages. Last Christmas (we’re talking 2008 here) my mom got me a sewing machine. I’m sad to say, I didn’t even try it out until this past fall (yes, 2009). I pulled it out to sew a patch on Zack’s Cubbies vest and presto – I had the itch to sew something substantial.

Finances were (and are) tight, of course, so I decided to look around online to see what I could find. What’s awesome is there are many ladies out there who have created sewing patterns for different things and decided to share them – pro bono – with all of us! Isn’t that nice?! Well, I certainly think so.

I should point out here that I do have sewing experience – I just hadn’t drawn on said experience in quite some time. I actually learned to sew when I was a pre-teen and sewed many an item to enter in 4-H contents (yes, I was BIG into 4-H) and even modeled some of said items. Yes, there IS photographic evidence, but I decline to share it here. ;)

So, for my first “serious” sewing project (in years), I chose a cute tote bag that seemed fairly simple. I got all excited to go pick out my fabrics, etc. The kicker with this project was I also had to make the pattern. That proved to be the toughest part for me (I’m not a math fan…) But I got the job done and finally got to start SEWING! I was really pleased with the final product…

(NOTE: All these pics were taken with cell phones… sorry!)


I made another of these bags for my sister-in-law Cassidy for her 10th birthday. She picked out the fabrics herself and it came out great! (We had to add a Yorkie patch, in honor of her pup, Aeris)


Next up, I offered to make some curtains for my sister-in-law, Amber for HER birthday - for her new house. I was able to get one set finished to give to her on her actual birthday. (a set to cover the storage space above her bathtub)


The other set is currently in progress (they’re BIGGER!)

Next up, I think I’ll be making another bag/purse. Cassidy got me a couple great patterns for Christmas. :)

Another pursuit I’d like to take up… knitting. I haven’t got a clue how to do it, but I want to learn. Crazy, you say? Pshaw! Crazy is my middle name! Or maybe it’s “Crafty.” Ok, maybe it’s Marie…

So, hopefully you’ve been entertained and/or enlightened by this post. If not, my humble apologies and my gratitude for making it this far.

Blessings. ;)