Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Favorites: ‘Sweggings’

#1: Haverlee and Nikki, this is for you.

#2: I didn’t think to use the word “sweggings” until Haverlee (see above) said it. I’m just to old and un-hip to use such words on a regular basis.

#3: I don’t really have a 3, but thought 2 wasn’t enough. Things are usually better in threes…


Yes, it’s true. I bought into the leggings craze. And since it’s winter in Iowa I went ahead and went a little crazy and got SWEATER leggings. (a.k.a. Sweggings) I’m sorry, but I just can’t be sorry about wearing them. (but I can apologize for not being sorry?) 

I have my own personal “rules” when it comes to leggings. And since you’re dying to know what they are (naturally), here you go:
  • Must be worn with a shirt that COVERS your backside. (otherwise, you may as well head outside in our t-shirt and pantyhose ‘cause baby, we can see your undies.)
I just realized that’s my only rule. Wow, I really should have thought out these lists a little better. Oh well, I stand by my rule – it’s one I strictly adhere to (and boy do I wish others would, too)

Follow that one rule, and you too can wear a cute outfit that feels like pajamas. Seriously people, is there anything better than that? I submit to you, there is not.

My fashion resolution for 2011? Prove that beauty doesn’t HAVE to be painful OR uncomfortable. (except for eyebrow waxing, which is both painful AND uncomfortable)



Sweater: Target, $30 (a splurge for me) 
Sweater Leggings: Target, $15
Boots: Younkers, $30 (sale last season)
Necklace: Forever21, $5? (can’t remember exactly!) 

All photos by my AWESOME husband!


  1. I love it! You look great and I too am a friend to the leggings but being of the "fluffier" figure I have had a hard time wearing them outside the house. Working on fixing that.

  2. Okay, I love it! We share the same opinion of how they should be worn. I just don't get it when leggings are worn with short shirts. It's one of my biggest pet peeves (up there with Christmas decor up after January) it makes me scrunch up my face and say ewwwwwwwww. I love your style!

  3. Legging, jegging, sweggings... they are all a-okay in my book! Cute boots

  4. You look adorable!! Great outfit. (And no, I don't actually say aloud words like jeggings and sweggings for fear of sounding like an annoying 14 year old)