Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day

Last week, the boys and I headed out into the snow to play. It was their first real time getting to play in the snow this winter. Seems odd since we live in Iowa, but winter took it’s time getting here this year (which is ok by me) We had some good snow at Christmas-time, but we were out of state – and it melted just a couple days after we returned (which led to tears from Zack, of course). So when it arrived (in force) this time, I decided we needed to get some playtime in asap.

Of course, I’ve been meaning to post these pics for a week… but millions of things seemed to hold me up. So, without further ado… a Heilman boys snow day!

All bundled up and ready to head out.
Austin is saying “cheese” with all his might…

Zack started making snow angels immediately.
I tried to get Austin to lay down and try it, but he wasn’t having it.

In fact, Austin was highly annoyed that snow was getting on his pants…

I love those little marshmallow legs!

Zack couldn’t wait to go down the “snow slide.”

Austin did eventually “warm up” to the snow and enjoyed himself.

And Zack…Well, Zack ALWAYS has fun.

Zack wanted to pull Austin on his sled. But it never really moved from this spot.
Don’t worry, Mommy got her cardio in and pulled him aallll over the yard.

Anybody else have some fun “snow days”?

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