Thursday, January 20, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Movie Time!

It’s Thursday – and that means we’re Embracing the Camera today! Please, join us! (Click the button for more info!)

It’s bitterly cold today, but – ironically – it was colder yesterday and we ventured outside anyhow. Ah well, I had work to do at the church and errands to run. Today, no such obligations, so we’re staying cozy inside.

I wanted to try out the handy remote my hubby bought for our camera. So, I set up the tripod and the boys and I sat down to watch a movie. (Despicable Me – one of their current favorites)

Setting up the camera, and the boys have to “test” it out with some silly faces.
 Zack, the lady killer. He wanted to “pose.” Seriously.
Now, let’s test that remote!
All set. And apparently I looked hungry for popcorn.
DSC_0046It’s obvious why they like this movie. Very funny.
Well, except for that orphanage lady. Austin thinks she’s scary.
DSC_0067Here, Mommy. More popcorn.
Now it’s your turn! Go Embrace the Camera!

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