Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life Lessons

It’s been awhile, but maybe you remember when  I said I’d be starting a “life lessons” series? Yeah, and that was the first and only post.

Well, I intend to rectify that situation today. Just a refresher… I wanted to do this series because it seems that I tend to learn things while I’m doing something else. So, I thought it’d be good (maybe helpful?) to gather those thoughts in one spot.

And so, I give you our next installment of Life Lessons:

Things I’ve learned while… Raising Boys.

Back Camera

  • Boys (and life) move fast, so when they slow down, don’t miss the chance to wrap your arms around them.
  • Nearly Absolutely anything can be used as a weapon. Watch your head.
  • The body’s natural… well, “tendencies”… are hilarious. (ok, so I’m still not sold on this one)
  • Rough-housing can be fun. So your hair gets messed up – fix it later!
  • Superheroes are always cool. Always.
  • Bumps & bruises are just part of the deal. Shake it off, and keep going.
  • Sometimes you just need to be LOUD!

I could probably keep going for pages and pages. Being a mommy has taught me many things, and being a mommy to two boys has taught me a whole different variety of things. It’s my favorite, and most challenging, job I’ve ever had. (and as a former TV news producer, I’ve had stressful and challenging jobs)

But I know I’ve said before, that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This season of life has it’s stresses (and days you want to pull your hair out), but it’s packed with joys I couldn’t have imagined.

I’m thankful for my boys, and the lessons they teach me every day (and sometimes every minute).

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