Monday, January 10, 2011

Cold Weather Calls for Comfy Sweaters

So it would seem I’ve hit 100 posts on this blog. Finally. Didn't notice until today that my last post was number 100. Took me long enough – but I actually hope to crank out the next 100 more quickly than the first. My resolution goal is to be a more consistent blogger this year. We’ll see how that goes.
This is what I wore yesterday, but Sundays are jam-packed around here, so I didn’t get a post up. I was lucky to get the pictures taken! (thanks to my awesome hubster) 

Snow? What snow. Temperatures in the teens? Whatever. I’m not cold at all.


No, I’m just an amazing actress. I’m actually freezing. (but this sweater IS very cozy – and cute)


This belt is one of my new favorite finds. Just four bucks at TJ Maxx! I felt in love instantly. When I got it home, my husband saw it and said “Wow, that’s really big.”  I wasn’t deterred.


And are you tired of seeing these boots yet? I really do own other shoes. And I really do wear them. Buuut, not as often as I wear these.

I got a little verklempt yesterday (does anyone still say that word? Talk amongst yourselves…) as I discovered the sole is beginning to part ways with my boot in one spot. As I told my hubby at the time of discovery (and many other times), these are my favoritest (yes, I know it’s not really a word, and as a trained journalist I SHOULD care, but don’t in this instance) boots! I’m hoping they won’t need retiring any time soon… so I may be making friends with my tube of super glue today.


Outfit Details:
Sweater: Apt. 9, Kohls, $25 (sale)
Jeans: Levis, Kohls, $30-somethin’ (sale + coupon)
Belt: TJ Maxx, $4
Ring: Forever 21, $4?
Boots: Younkers, $30 (sale last season)


  1. great outfit (and nails!). those boots are so versatile ... keep them until they disintegrate! i got the SNL reference :) ... "can we twalk?"