Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life Lessons

I tend to learn things - or have realizations about things – while I’m doing something else. I guess sometimes I need time to process, or maybe I just have a strange mind. (pretty sure that’s it).
Whatever the case may be, I thought I’d start a little series on the blog of things I’ve learned…life lessons, if you will. So to start things off…
Things I’ve Learned While…Running.
  • Feel pain? Keep moving. It’ll go numb eventually. (except if it doesn’t go numb. Then stop. ;P)
  • Your body can adapt to nearly anything – including running (or doing any activity) in hot or cold weather. Don’t use weather as an excuse, but don’t except to adapt overnight. Give it time.*
  • Somehow, wearing running tights in public isn’t indecent. (and I’m no longer self-conscious about wearing them!) But wearing legging as ‘pants’ is wrong. Don’t do it. Please.
  • Listening to my favorite podcast** on headphones, in public frequently leads to me looking like a crazy person. (i.e. Laughing/Snorting at inopportune moments)
  • Having someone to share a hobby with (in this case, a running buddy) is a giant blessing. (Shout out to my running buddy and sis-in-law, Amber! LOVE you!)
  • Going solo is also good to do sometimes. Don’t be afraid to be on your own occasionally.
  • I do not know how to properly “hock a lugee” (my attempts usually end with spit on my face or – if the wind’s blowing – on the side of my head. It ain’t pretty.)
  • There IS such a thing as a "runner's high" and it's AWESOME. (seriously)
  • I can’t smell myself when I “stink” after working out. (also, my hubby won’t tell me I smell bad, but WILL tell others.)
  • You CAN accomplish things you never thought possible. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Note that it says ALL things, not SOME things or a FEW things. ALL THINGS! Take it to heart.
So, that’s a longer list than I originally intended, but I guess I learned more since I started this whole running thing than I thought. Like the new series idea? Let me know and we’ll see if I can cook up any more tidbits. (though I know I can’t dish out the wisdom quite like the McElroy brothers.)
*I NEVER thought I’d be able to run in cold weather. I’m now DOING it. Unbelievable.
** “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” is only for those with a VERY healthy sense of humor.

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