Thursday, March 10, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Family Outing

So, you’d think after 6 weeks away I’d have loads of photos stockpiled. Well, not so much. But I do have SOME and I figured since it’s time to embrace the camera – it’d be a good time to share (since I actually was IN some of these)

A couple weekends ago we took a trip to the Build-a-Bear Workshop. The boys each had a gift card from Papa & Grandma burning a hole in their respective pockets. So Grandma and Aunt Cassidy joined us to find the perfect bears. (poor Papa had to work!)

We hadn’t ever done the whole Build-a-Bear experience before, so the boys were very excited. Zack even picked out his bear online before we ever got to the store. (which was quite handy)

Add a sound? I think not.
Adding stuffing. Austin tried to just STOMP on it and be done.
Zack giving his new bear an "air bath."
Austin washing the important areas.
Looking for an outfit for "Doggie"
He chose a Hawkeye t-shirt and a football. What else?
Busy, busy boys.

Grandma helps Zack make his bear a Jedi. (complete with light saber)
Austin was DETERMINED to carry his own.
It was a fun experience, and the boys are still carrying ‘Luke’ and ‘Doggie’ around everywhere (In fact, when Austin saw me looking at these pictures he immediately went and got ‘Doggie.’) Thanks to Papa & Grandma for the gift cards and the chance for the boys to have such fun!

Now YOU go and “embrace the camera”!


  1. We just took our 3 and 1 year olds to build a bear. When we asked the 1 year old what he wanted to name his, he passed gas and exclaimed, as is his habit, "Toot!"

    So now he has a bear named Toot.

    Great post!

  2. It looks like they had a great time! I definitely see a trip to build a bear in our future.

  3. You look cute in these pics, Kristy. Loving the hair! :)