Monday, March 7, 2011

6 Weeks

Six weeks have come and gone. To be honest, I have so much to share it’s overwhelming and I’m completely unsure of where to start. I suppose the best place to start is with the basics, right? Ok, let’s do that.

(If you missed the story on where I’ve been the last 6 weeks (and why) you can read up on it HERE.)

The fast itself went very well.  Was it difficult? Yes. (but it’d have been pointless if it wasn’t) Was it worth it? Absolutely. In fact, I’d do it again.

Some of the things I’ve realized:
  • I can sometimes take for granted feeling “connected” to people online – and not really “connect” with them in person, or on a deeper level  

  • I’m thankful for ways to reconnect with friends/family who are far away

  • Those “few seconds” you take to “check” FB, Twitter, or blogs add up VERY quickly
    • Consequently, NOT having access to those things leads to a significant about of extra time
  •  I sometimes use FB, Twitter or blogs to distract myself from things I don’t want to think about

  • I’m frequently very selfish about “my time”

  • Put down the phone and look around – often you’re missing out on precious times with loved ones.

  • ‘Everything in moderation’ is exceedingly good advice

Those are actually just a few general things I’ve realized. To be honest, it’s not even scratching the surface.

I expected to come back after 6 weeks with some exciting things to share. That’s not to say I don’t have plenty to share, but it’s not at all what I thought it’d be. It’s amazing how drastically life can change in 6 weeks. The life-altering events in our life didn’t have anything to do with my fast, but I believe there was no mistake in the fact that my fast overlapped with these events. God’s timing is perfect. That’s a truth that’s been solidly reinforced to me in these past weeks.

There are more blog posts to come - I’m praying for the courage to be completely, utterly transparent with all of you – and I’m excited to share with you all God has been teaching me.

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  1. So excited to hear more. And I guarantee you'll be an inspiration to others...already feeling convicted!!