Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera: A Day at the Park

It's Thursday, and that means it's time to... Embrace the Camera!

The weather has been awesome here in Iowa (until the last couple days, of course) and we've been taking full advantage of it and getting OUTSIDE! (Lord knows these boys need to burn off some steam)

This past weekend we took the boys out to a park we hadn't been to before, and it turned out to be great. We went there to take Zack's 5-year pictures (I WILL get a post up about them. Soon. Really.) and I lucked out and managed some outfit pics, too.

But some of the pics I like best are the ones I didn't know were taken. My hubby caught a couple moments of me with my boys...

Ok, now it's your turn - go Embrace the Camera!


  1. Love it! I find that being the one who likes to take pictures, there is always a shortage of pictures with me in them. Sometimes I don't really mind but it makes me sad when I can't go back a look through pics of me and Evie together as she has grown. I think its great that you have a camera savy hubby :)
    Disclaimer: mine really tries but the majority of pics turn out blurry or he forgets to use the flash, so I do have some "images" but not a lot of usable photos...

  2. Great candid embrace moments! Love them!

  3. So cute! We need to get out to the park, too.

  4. i love those pictures of y'all cute!

  5. What fun pics! I am so ready for park weather!!