Friday, November 19, 2010

Experiments in Fashion

Ok, I’ve once again slacked off on the blogging. I apologize. Truly, I’m sorry for disappearing again – but there have been other things that ranked higher on the priority list, and I had to let the blog slide. I guess I can’t be sorry for that. My family has to come first… even if my blog is mostly about my family.
At any rate, I’ve still be living and stressing and coping and thriving. I just haven’t been blogging about it. Today, I’ll attempt to do a little catching up – and I do hope to be a bit more regular than I have been. (Ok, we all know I’ve said that before, but let’s just stay in the moment, shall we)
So, I told you before I’ve been adding a few new ideas/items to my wardrobe recently. Thanks to inspiration and ideas from some awesome fashion bloggers (You *must* check out Kendie, Bethany & Jill. Really, MUST) I’ve tried to break out of my little comfort zone (not all at once, mind you. But little by little) and try a few things I wouldn’t have before.
Case in point today (or actually Wednesday) is this little get-up.
I love how the previously mentioned ladies use belts in so many different ways – and I love a good belt – but I’ve always been unsure of how to wear them. Or a little uncomfortable wearing them, to be honest. So recently, I’ve been trying out this concept… and love it. Now, I’m still a little unsure about this particular outfit… but I was happy that I made it out of the house in it and didn’t chicken out.
I’ve tried a couple other “belted” outfits, but I didn’t get pics of them, of course. It should be noted, I feel SUPER awkward taking outfit pics… and since I make my hubby take them, I feel even MORE awkward. And wouldn’t you know it, I also LOOK awkward. (as seen above)
I should also mention how much I love open-front cardigans (so this post doesn’t end up just about belts). I could wear them EVERY day, I think. I just adore them. (which I guess is why I’m continually tempted to buy more of them).
Ok, for what’s it’s worth… Here are the outfit details:
Open front cardigan: Old Navy, $15 (sale + coupon)
Tshirt: Old Navy, $3 (I think) (sale + coupon)
Levi Skinny jeans: Kohls, $30 (coupon - bought with bday money – more than I’d usually spend!)
Boots: Younkers, $30 (sale last season)
Belt: GoodWill, $1.50

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