Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Favorites: Oversized Sweater

So, I’ve been looking for ways to changes things up on the blog, and incorporate some new ideas. This will be my first real attempt at that – although I’m still working on some formatting ideas.
Sure, you probably couldn’t tell, but I’m drawn to fashion. Not HIGH fashion as much as PRACTICAL fashion. I LOVE things that are hip and in-style, but I NEED things that work with my day-to-day life – otherwise, I never get to wear them. And where’s the fun in owning clothes you never get the chance to wear? (Nwhere, that’s where. I’ve been there, done that!) So, I’ve been working to incorporate more pieces into my wardrobe that are functional, and fashionable. (and let’s just add COMFORATABLE in there, as well) I thought maybe I’d share some of my new favorite things with all of you, and see what you think – and maybe inspire you to give something new a try. So, here we go!
One of the things I picked up recently, was an oversized sweater that I’m just crazy about. (and I got it on SALE!) It’s so comfy and PERFECT for fall, and I think it looks great with a pair of skinny jeans and boots! (plus I think it could absolutely work with a pair of cute flats, too). Something that’s versatile, comfy AND cute? Couldn’t pass it up. (and did I mention it was on sale?)
Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like it’s a look that’s “put together” and I also get to feel snug and cozy at the same time. That’s a giant win-win for me.
Sweater, Gap - $20
Tank top, Forever 21, $3.50
Skinny Jeans, Old Navy - $29
Boots, Younkers, $30 (on sale last season!)
So, let me know what you think of this new idea for posts! (unless you hate it, then maybe just don’t tell me ;P)


  1. I'll have you know as I was scrolling through this post, Bennett saw the picture of you and said, "Hey Mommy! Its you!" Hopefully you'll consider that a compliment ;)

  2. you look great, kristy!! i like the new idea for including outfits and prices (and of course a pic!). i don't own skinny jeans, but more and more i am thinking i need at least one pair :)

  3. @Haverlee - Best. Compliment. EVER.

    @Sunshine - I'm so hooked I wear skinny jeans the majority of the time now. I love them!

    @Nikki - Thanks! They're my absolute FAVORITE! I'd wear them every day, even in the summer, if I could get away with it! :)

  4. As always you are beautiful.