Monday, November 22, 2010

A Baby No More

Our little Austin will be turning two in just a couple of weeks. Un-be-LIEVE-able. (for me anyway) His personality is blooming by leaps and bounds. Frankly, the boy is hilarious. (not that I’m biased or anything) He’s also a liiiiiiiittle bit stubborn. And yes, since you asked (you did, right?) I do have proof.
Austin, like his big brother, loves superheroes. But Austin has decided that there’s just no need to differentiate them all with specific names. Apparently, that’s just wasted energy. Instead, he’s decided to call them all the same thing: Bahm-Bahm.

This includes Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man – any of those heroic ‘man’ guys. At first, we thought he was trying to say Batman – and MAYBE that was true, but he’s now decided that that’s just fine to use for any old guy with super powers.
So, in the case of “Is Austin Heilman Stubborn or Not?” I give you…
Exhibit A.

And, Exhibit B.

(Notice his facial expressions in both videos? Highly annoyed with us trying to ‘convince’ him he’s saying it wrong.)
I believe the evidence speaks for itself.

Case closed.

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