Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Take Two

So… you remember that last post? You know, the one where I told you about all the sickness around our house, but how it was all going away now… Yeah. Turns out that post was a little premature.

Not to say it wasn’t relevant. It absolutely was. But, turns out, we weren’t done with sickness. And, know what else? We still aren’t.

You see, not long after my sweet hubby found out he had pneumonia, and started on his recovery… he passed out in our kitchen. Yep, out cold. I should explain that I WAS in the room with him and YES I tried to catch him. I ran toward him and caught him before he hit the floor… but not before he hit the cabinet AND the countertop (sorry, babe!)

Now, you wouldn’t think you’d have a fight after your spouse falls unconscious to the floor. But, of course, we’re pretty unorthodox around here. Josh woke up after about 30 seconds (which felt like an eternity to me) and calmly asked me, “What happened?” I told him, and what does he do? Laugh. Right there, still laying on the floor, he laughs. My reaction? Irritation. (of course) Josh just found the whole situation hilarious. I, however, had been scared to death.

Instead of giving you the long version (trust me, it’s VERY long) I’ll just tell you that after several doctors visits (with two more to come this week) and some misdiagnosis along the way, Josh IS on the mend. We’re waiting on some more test results this week, and covet your prayers at this time. But we’re trusting God with the outcome (and the bills).

In the midst of all of that happening, I got sick, too. And (as you moms know) it’s rough to be the sick one… especially when you feel you need to be taking care of others in your house. But my hubby is the best – and even though he wasn’t feeling 100% – he took care of me, too. I ended up being sick MUCH longer than I thought I would (and I’m still not completely recovered, to be honest).

Then while I was (am) recovering… Austin got sick. And now Austin’s recovering… but now Zack is sick.

Yes. Seriously.

And so, I’m off… to try again to disinfect/sterilize/scrub down our house… And hopefully, I’ll be back (to blog again) soon.

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