Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Arrivals

After MUCH stress and debate (with myself) I finally ordered some new jewelry storage items. We're planning a new shelving unit/vanity in our bedroom (still only in planning phase). So, I decided to downsize my jewelry (I may have been was hoarding things from high school that I NEVER wear) and I decided to part with my standing jewelry box that was taking up a lot of space.

Currently, the small amount of jewelry I kept is taking up residence on top of a small bookshelf in our bedroom. Yeah, not so pretty right now. But in anticipation of these new shelves and a possible vanity area for me (finally!) I thought I'd look for things I would really like, would go well in the room, and I would (obviously) be able to get good use out of.

Enter Urban Outfitters. *rousing applause* I caught a peek a very cute jewelry stand in Lucky Magazine from UO (that I love, but wasn't EXACTLY what I needed), and decided to check out what else they had to offer. Short story: It's amazing! I loved nearly all the jewelry storage I saw... which is why I say there was much stress and debate. I had a heckuva time deciding... and my hubby refused to give a deciding vote ;P  In fact, I just now clicked the "Order" button... (after weeks of NOT ordering because I couldn't decide) and couldn't wait to share with all of you!

So, without further ado... my picks.

(I ordered two)

And now... I just have to wait for them to GET here!


  1. I love your choices Kristy! So cute! And now...where are those sweaggings?

  2. Thanks, Niki! And I should have known you (and Have) wouldn't forget about the sweggings... lol I promise to try to get pics next time I wear them! ;)