Friday, June 12, 2009

What I “Knee”d…

…is a new knee ;) Actually, it’s not so bad as that.

As some of you know, I’ve recently come down with a bad case of, “oh crap, my knee hurts.” I’ve been working out a lot more, and starting a running “program” of sorts, and it seems I’ve aggravated an old injury – AND have some other issues, as well.

After going to the doctor, having an x-ray, and then getting a referral to physical therapy…I found out that there are a few issues going on that have caused the pain I’m experiencing. The good news: It’s fixable.

As far as I understand it, I’ve got a type of tendonitis involving my patella (kneecap). Also, instead of my kneecap moving up and down when my knee bends, it pulls up and out (sort of in a diagonal). SO – the treatment is to strengthen certain muscles to help pull my kneecap back into the position it should be in.

I’ve been to two physical therapy sessions so far, and it’s been good. The therapist I’m working with is great, and really knows her stuff. Plus – she doesn’t take it easy on me at all ;) I should be getting back to regular workouts and such in a month or so, if all goes well.

Really, I see this as a blessing, because I’ve had issues with my knees in the past and never got it checked out. This has forced me to find out what’s wrong and do something about it, and I think I’m going to better off for it in the end.

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  1. No wonder you have been in pain. I hope physical therapy continues to go well and that you are on your way to recovery!
    - Karin