Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lending a Hand to Military Marriages

So, next month Josh and the boys and I will be taking part in a fundraiser that's for a GREAT cause - so I thought I'd share about it here as well. This is the email I've been sharing with friends and family - we'd love your help, as well!

Hello friends and family!

Coming up next month, Josh and I (and the boys, too!) will be taking part in America's Family Coaches 1st Annual Walk for Military Marriages. It's a great opportunity to say thank you to the military men and women who are serving and protecting us.

More than 56,000 marriages in the U.S. Army alone have ended in divorce. Even more alarming is how quickly these rates are escalating. Historically, little has been offered to help husbands and wives reunite and reintegrate as a family after they have been apart. But America's Family Coaches are changing that and the money we help raise through this walk will go directly to helping military families.

As most of you know, I (Kristy) worked for America's Family Coaches and I have seen first-hand what an amazing difference this organization is making in the lives of military couples. Through a network of military chaplains, America's Family Coaches have already provided donor-sponsored resources to thousands of military soldiers and spouses around the globe before, during and after military deployment at no cost to them. They resource military marriages and families with mp3 players loaded with more than 20 hours of marriage material designed specifically for deployed soldiers, military conference DVDs, monthly Date with a Purpose subscriptions, and free/reduced cost marriage conferences for military couples. We want to help them reach thousands more!

That's why we'll be taking part in America’s Family Coaches 1st Annual Walk for Military Marriages at Gray’s Lake in Des Moines IA on Saturday, July 25th. By sponsoring us, you can help us strengthen these marriages and families!

We realize that budgets are extremely tight this year, but we would appreciate anything you can give!

We're asking you to support in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Sponsor us to walk on July 25th by either responding to this email!
  • Register to be a walker either at Gray’s Lake or in your own city. Visit the website to register: www.TheGreatMarriageExperience.com

Any donation will go a long way!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings to you all!
Josh and Kristy Heilman
(& Zack and Austin, too!)

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