Monday, June 1, 2009

First Swing Set


Zack and Austin finally have their first swing set! It’s their summer gift from Grandpa and Mimi (my parents). Zack, of course, was ecstatic. Getting him inside that evening after it was put up was the trick. Grandpa pretty much had to drag him.

I give many kudos to Josh and my dad. They turned what was a box of little parts into a fabulous swing set that will bring HOURS of enjoyment to our boys. We had to get the baby swing, of course, for Austin and (as you can see in the picture above) he was VERY happy to have it. Zack loved having his brother swinging right next to him.

Zack also got a little T-ball set from Grandpa and Mimi while they were here visiting this past weekend, so he made out like a bandit! We have plenty of outdoor activities to keep him busy this year!


  1. What fun for the boys! How blessed your boys are to have such a wonderful Grandpa and Mimi!

    Did Josh and Grandpa have any leftover parts? :O) If Uncle Gerald was putting it together he would of because he NEVER reads the instructions...LOL

  2. I was pretty impressed - My dad actually had the instructions laid out! They were quite the troopers getting the right nuts and bolts in the right places. More patience than I would have had probably! :)