Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 Months



Our “little” man is growing so quickly!

Austin had his 6-month checkup this week (he actually turned 6 months on the 4th). He’s a growing boy, for sure!  He weighed in at 19 pounds (yes, it’s true) and he’s now 27 inches long. I was sure he would break 20 pounds, but not quite. ;)

Austin is such a happy boy. He smiles ALL the time. He adores his big brother, watching his every move. He wants to move SO badly, he can hardly stand it! He can scoot backwards and has also figured out he can keep rolling in one direction to get somewhere. He’s now trying to get his knees under himself and push off. I have a feeling crawling isn’t far off… Lord help me when both these boys are mobile!

As for his little feet, they are doing SO well! He’s still in his brace for naps and bedtime. His feet just seem to look better and better each day.

Austin is the perfect addition to our family and is such a joy. We love him so much and it is evident in his face how much he loves his family. As Zacky likes to say, “Austin LOVES me!”

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