Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a Date...

... a play date!

Last week, Miriam came over to hang out with Zacky. I got some pics of the two together and had forgotten to post them! They had so much fun.

They played basketball together...DSCF1749

Drew some pictures...



And of course just spent some quality time together. ;) DSCF1762

They are so cute together. We even ventured out to the bank and the grocery store. (which I've been told was brave.. since I had the two 3 year olds and Austin. I say I was either brave, or crazy. But the errands had to be done!)

Zacky always looks forward to hanging out with Miriam, and frequently tells us Miriam is his "best girl ever."


We can't wait to see Zack and Miriam as ring bearer and flower girl in Jared and Laura's wedding next month - I'm sure MANY pictures will be taken! 

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