Friday, April 3, 2009

Five years later...

So today is a big day for Josh and I - we've now been married five years! It's amazing to me that it's already been five years. Where does the time go anyway?

I so loved our wedding day. It was small and simple and SO beautiful. The weather was perfect and we had the most lovely little chapel in Oklahoma. It was a day I will never forget. We were so excited...
That first year went by so quickly! We actually ended up moving to Des Moines early on in our marriage. It was an amazing adventure because we were sure it was where God was calling us. And we've seen evidence of that every day since we came. We know absolutely that God put us here in Iowa, and we've been blessed ever since we obeyed that prompting we had while house shopping in Tulsa! God is so good!

On our first anniversary, we went on a little vacation to Lake Murray in Oklahoma. Just for a little time away together.
I feel like we still look SO young in that picture! (not that we're old now exactly...) I'm hoping someday soon we'll get to go on vacation together again. We had such fun! (even though our room was not so hot at the Lake...)

Then, of course, in 2006 Zacky came along and we were no longer just the two of us... We were so excited to have Zack!

I was thinking this week though that when we got married, we had talked about waiting four or five years before we had kids... obviously God had another plan, since we have TWO now, instead of well... zero. ;)

Our family has grown, and we don't have as much alone time as maybe we'd like right now, but I know we don't regret any of it. We've had such an amazing five years and I love Josh even more today than I did five years ago. It's amazing how a love can grow, and how it grows even more through the trials we face as a couple, and a family.

Josh, I love you so much and I so look forward to the years ahead we have together. You are the husband I always dreamed of and an amazing father. I adore you. Happy Anniversary, babe.

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