Monday, April 13, 2009

Big boy, The Countdown is on!, and..Happy Easter!

Ok, so my title sounds a lot like a title from the "Today in Iowa" blog (if you don't read it, you should. Pat and Brooke are two of the BEST - though I admit I'm slightly biased.) Alright, moving on...

So today was Austin's 4 month checkup. He weighed in at a whopping 16lbs 10oz and measured 26" long. 90th percentile for both height and weight. I wasn't shocked because I know my arms have been aching after carrying him in the carseat lately! Plus, he's just trying to keep up with his brother... ;) He's also doing excellently on all the developmental milestones. Speaking of which, I don't think I posted here about it, but he can now not only roll from front to back (which I did post a video about), but he can also roll from his back onto his tummy. He's not wasting any time! He wants to be moving with Zacky so bad, I think he can hardly stand it sometimes. When he starts moving we're in so much trouble. He's also chewing on anything he can get anywhere near his mouth...This week Austin will also go back to Iowa City for a checkup with our clubfoot doctors. We're counting down the days to that because it should mean that he gets his time in his brace reduced. Right now he's still in it 23 hours a day/7 days a week. I had thought we'd get cut down to 16 hours a day, but it may end up being more like 20 hrs. We'll see. Really any cut down on time will be wonderful. I'll post an update after that appointment to catch everyone up on how his feet are doing. We're looking forward to him having some more foot freedom...

And today is, of course, the day after Easter. We had a great day yesterday. Zacky got all dressed up for church in a new "suit"... He was so cute! He wasn't thrilled with the outfit at first, but it quickly grew on him. We had him try it on the night before and he didn't seem to care for it, but then when Josh went to take it off him he said, "No Daddy! I want to be cool!" So I guess he got over whatever qualms he had about it. Then he was VERY excited to wear it Sunday morning and show everyone his tie.
We had to try to get the boys to sit for a picture together of course since they were "dressed up." Austin actually sat pretty well, and kudos to Zack for not letting him fall over... ;)

Zack also loved his Easter basket and he was so excited this year because he got to have chocolate. He's had dairy, egg and peanut allergies - but recently his allergies to dairy and egg have slacked off, so he's been allowed to try those things. He's been doing really well, so we got him a chocolate cross this year. He loves it, but he DID think it was a "chocolate 'T'".. Oh well!

I suppose that wraps things up for now. Hopefully it won't be as long between posts this time. If any of you get a chance, please pray for our Iowa City appointment on Friday - that everything is progressing well and that Austin will get his brace time reduced.

Blessings to you all! :)

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