Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And in This Corner…

...we have Zack. Our first born. A 4 year old who is not afraid to say exactly what pops into his head at any moment.

On the right, you'll see I update a little section called "From the mouth of Zack" with some of his frequent one-liners. But sometimes, there are just some that are too long for that... and deserve a post all their own. Here are some of the latest.
A conversation between Zack and his mommy (after talking about where Mommy “works”):
Zack: “Playing is my work.”
Mommy: “Oh it is, huh?”
Zack: “Yes. And going on pbskids.org is my work on the computer. It’s like I’m doing big guy stuff, but really I’m just doing kid stuff.”

A conversation between Zack and his daddy:
Zack: "Why is there hair on your feet? There's no hair on my feet."
Daddy: "There will be."
Zack: "But I don't want hair on my feet! That's not exciting! I think I better wear socks."
And one of my current favorites…
Driving home from an outing, we passed a man on a riding mower, with no shirt on. This was Zack's reaction: "What is that guy doing on his tractor naked?! He took off all his clothes and now he's naked! I should not be seeing naked men! Oh no! I forgot to cover my eyes!"
(it should be noted that, yes, I did start laughing hysterical at Zack's rant, and he was mortified that I didn't see the urgency of this obviously horrific situation)

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