Thursday, September 9, 2010

And in the Other Corner…

…we have Austin. A 21-month-old who has seemingly no fear and will attempt death-defying feats without blinking an eye.
It’s funny just how incredibly different your kids can be. Zack has always had a certain sense of caution. Zack’s also been verbal since about 9 months old (seriously, he never stopped talking…I’m pretty sure he’s figured out some way to breathe and talk at the same time).

Austin on the other hand is much more laid back verbally than his brother. (We figure it’s probably because he doesn’t have room to get in a word, anyway.) And that sense of caution? I’m pretty sure Austin’s missing that gene. He’s a daredevil, for sure, and is probably going to give me a heart attack at some point. The boy had stitches before he turned a year old. (yes, really)
These days, Austin seems to have suddenly discovered his voice. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. He’s been “talking” to some degree for a long time, but just didn’t seem to have an interest in expanding his vocabulary. Now? I swear he says a new word every day. (and his baby book may as well be blank for how much I update it)

His other big interest now – Copying everything his big brother does. Sometimes, it’s adorable. Other times? Scary. And while I’m pretty sure he’d follow Zack wherever… it would only be if he were in the mood to do it. This boy has a mind of his own.
Zack’s biggest concern now? “When Austin talks more, he’ll be able to tell about the things I do!” Oh boy…

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