Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Big Three-OH

No, no not yet! Don't rush me! But yes, the fact of the matter is that this year I'll be hitting that next big mark - 30. (in October, to be precise)

I'm not gonna lie - I get a little shiver when I think about it (and not exactly the good kind of shiver), but what I've decided is that I'm going to embrace this next birthday with open arms. I'm not going to try to hide from it.

I told my hubby all this and then decided to translate (hidden meanings don't work out all that well, so I figured I should just be direct) "I want to have a party. Not a 'same as we always do' party. I want to do it big. I only turn 30 once and I'm not going to hide from getting older. I want to ring it in right!"

This took my husband aback a little. He's not much of a party guy (ok, not at all a party guy) and he's a bit nervous about putting together said party. He asked me for ideas, but to be honest -- I haven't come up with much! So that's where you all come in.... I'd love to hear some suggestions for party ideas - themes, decor, setting, etc. Lay it on me! (I'm sure my husband will thank you!) ;)

In honor of my 30th year, here’s a couple pics of me back in the day. (I know, seriously cute, right?!)




  1. those cute photos will be vintage in October! if you like reality TV you could do a spin-off from American Idol (karaoke) or Survivor (eating bugs ... ha). since it's October you could turn it into "not turning into a pumpkin yet," "Harvesting 30 years" or "Fall"ing in love with 30!? okay, some of those are a bit silly! when i turned 30 i received 30 items of various things ... bags of Skittles, cute pencils, etc.

  2. I had a big roller-skating party for my 30th...a BLAST!