Saturday, June 5, 2010

Austin Michael - 18 Months

I find it almost difficult to write this post. It means having to admit that my baby is becoming less and less a baby every day. Yesterday, Austin hit the 18 month mark. And I get teary just looking at all the pics! Here goes…
Austin Michael – What a joy you are to our family! You had a rough start at life, it’s true, but you haven’t let it slow you down one bit. You are fearless (and relentless). You smile and laugh so freely, but you’re just as sure to let us know when you’re *not* happy. ;)  You adore your big brother and you’d follow your Daddy anywhere. But I can’t say that I’m not more than a little bit glad when only Mommy’s hugs will do.  I know you’re going to be our resident ‘daredevil’ and, trust me, that worries me already, but I know God always has you in the palm of His hand. I adore you, little man, and I look forward to seeing you learn and grow more every day (just not *too* quickly, please).
As for what our Austin Michael is up to these days:
  • Making animal sounds (including motions) for the elephant, monkey, tiger/lion/bear (growling is his favorite), dog, pig, and some others.
  • Saying “DA-DA” over and over and over… and rarely saying “Mama” (I usually just get called “Dada” too, and don’t think he doesn’t know the difference – he thinks it’s funny. Stinker)
  • Sword fighting with his brother.
  • Following Zack around EVERYWHERE – especially when Zack doesn’t want to be followed. ;)
  • Copying everything Zack does (which Zack finds hilarious)
  • Dancing to most any music (and his dance moves are adorable – though I admit I’m slightly biased)
  • Climbing anything he can get near and jumping off things.
  • Doing anything daredevil-ish – he LOVES for Daddy to throw him in the air. The higher, the better as far as he’s concerned. (I foresee many ER visits for us… he’s already had stitches!)
  • His feet look awesome and he’ll have another check-up in Iowa City this month. He walks, he runs, he dances… you’d never know he started out with two very crooked little feet. ;)
Well, my baby may be less a baby today than he was yesterday, but he’s not all grown up yet, and I intend to enjoy every last little baby moment with him. Praise the Lord for this time we have together.

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