Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Journey into Skinny Jeans…

So, really I was thinking the title of this post should be, “My journey into skinny jeans that isn’t over yet because I haven’t reached the final destination.” But, then I thought maybe it was a little wordy.
At any rate, many of you know I’ve struggled with my weight for awhile (technically since college, but the real trouble started after pregnancy. Big surprise, huh?). So now I’m on a mission to lose weight. It’s a difficult process, but I’ve been making strides and seeing success. Nothing quite so dramatic as The Biggest Loser, of course (can I just say, I LOVE that show!) but success none the less.
And so, we come to the title of today’s blog. I’ve not been unaware that skinny jeans have been in the realm of “fashionable” for awhile now. Trust me, I wanted a pair. I love how they look with certain boots, shirts, etc… But let’s just say Mamma’s backside was a little too wiiiide to be wearing anything with the word “skinny” in the name. ;)
So, last month, I finally got down to a weight (and no, it’s not my goal weight…yet) that I felt I could at least TRY ON a pair of skinny jeans. It wasn’t exactly a touching victory moment like you’d maybe see on a reality show like the afore mentioned Biggest Loser. Instead, the trip looked something like this…
Mamma pushing a double stroller through Jordan Creek mall, trying to maneuver through the racks in a department store. Mamma then looking for jeans on sale ‘cause Mamma ain’t no rich Mamma. Mamma finding cute skinny jeans (on sale!) and trying to take said jeans to the fitting room while still trying to get a wound-up 3 year old, a quickly-getting-sleepy 1 year old and the mondo double stroller around the racks of clothes.
Well, after I got all of us and the stroller into the fitting room it was a pretty happy moment. The jeans fit – and not just that – I *liked* the way they fit! How often does THAT happen?! (with ANY jeans) So, I hauled my crew and this glorious pair of jeans to the checkout and then we hauled tail OUT of the mall.
And here they are… my FIRST pair of skinny jeans. (Notice, it’s hard for Mamma to get a picture of herself without having some kiddos in the pic, too)
*Note: I’ve since bought a second pair of skinny jeans. (I think I might be addicted)

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