Saturday, January 23, 2010

Local Happenings…

So today…

  • Austin tried to “help” vacuum. This led to vacuuming taking significantly longer than usual. Apparently a one year old holding on to (and pulling on) the cord does not help vacuuming efficiency.
  • Kirby (our pug) took a pill with no problem at all. Except there was ONE problem: The pill wasn’t for him. No he won’t be keeling over any time soon. It was just a buffered aspirin I was TRYING to give Maizie (Our Jack Russell Terrier who hurt her back…AGAIN). Just more proof that Kirby will eat anything…literally.
  • Austin tested his climbing abilities. He emptied a basket, turned it upside down, put it next to the bookshelf and then stood on top of it. Of course, I missed all of this except the part where he was standing on top of it. There were no injuries sustained.
  • Zack answered my cell phone when my mom called today (he had permission). The problem? My mom thought it was me and proceeded to tell “me” what she got Zack for his birthday. Zack was VERY excited… Luckily, he ended up thinking she was talking about something he’d already gotten for Christmas.

Who knew so much could happen when you don’t even leave the house? ;)

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