Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...Love and Marriage...

Zack has had a fascination with weddings and marriage since he was in Uncle Jared and Aunt Laura's wedding back in May. The topic seems to come up at random intervals... including tonight during dinner. What follows is a little "transcript" of the conversation that went on between Zack and Daddy (because Mommy was having a hard time keeping a straight face...) And keep in mind, this came up out of the blue...

Zack: I need a wife.
Daddy: What?
Zack: I need a wife!
Daddy: Why?
Zack: Because I need one!
Daddy:You don't need a wife...
Zack: Miriam is...
Daddy: Miriam is what?
Zack: Miriam is my wife.
Daddy: No, you didn't get married.
Zack: I want to.
Daddy: You want to what?
Zack: I want to get married.
Daddy: I'm pretty sure you have to be at least 16 to get married in the state of Iowa and even then I don't think you should get married that young.
Zack: When I'm 5 I want to be in Sparks. (AWANA)
Daddy: Ok, but that doesn't have anything to do with marriage.
Zack: But when I'm 5 I could be in Sparks.
Daddy: Sure, when you're 5 you can be in Sparks if you want to.
Zack: Ok.

Yep, that's the gist of it... and all the while I was half hiding my face 'cause I didn't want Zack to see/hear me giggling... ;)


  1. i guess he gave up the marriage idea when dad laid down the law!

  2. I love this. Maybe at a time when Miriam and Zacky were playing together and no one was looking, at Cubbies or in our basement or at Uncle Jared and Aunt Laura's, Zacky and Miriam "got married." I could just see Zack telling Miriam they need to get married right away (because he needs a wife of course), and Miriam saying "Ok" and following suit - just like when she was around 1 year old and Zack came in for a kiss and she puckered up. Oh the stories we'll embarrass them both with when they're older!

    My guess is Zack remembers walking Miriam down the aisle at Uncle Jared and Aunt Laura's house, and he wonders - what happened to his wife? He just doesn't see her often enough! :)