Sunday, March 15, 2009

"When is Jesus coming back?"

That's been one of Zack's constant questions lately. He just looks at me and says, "Mommy, when is Jesus coming back?" and when I try to explain I don't know when and no one does he says, "But I miss Him!" It warms my heart to hear him say that. It's so sweet and so genuine. He goes on to explain to me he wants Jesus to come down from His house in heaven and then take us back to His house. Someday, little man, someday... :)

Zack's other obsession lately is his daddy. Every morning he asks me if Daddy is home. Usually, I have to say, "No honey, he's at work," to which Zack replies, "But I miss him! We could just take our car and go bring him home, Mommy." Trust me, I think Daddy would love if that worked so easily. :) On the weekends, when I tell him Daddy IS home (but is still asleep) he says, "Ok, I'm going to wake him up VERY QUIETLY." For Josh's sake, I try to hold him off for a little while... :)

It's so cool to see my little man growing up, but at the same time it makes me wish I could slow the clock down a little bit and have even more time with him as a little boy. Times goes by so quickly...

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