Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am... NOT ...the Biggest Loser (yet)

Ok, so I can get caught up in some of the reality shows just like everyone else. Although, this season I'm not at ALL interested in American Idol (though I was glued last season) and I'm not a fan of any of the "dating/looking for a mate" reality shows that are around. This year, I'm all about The Biggest Loser. I'm watched off and on in seasons past, but it was usually on at the same time as Idol, so I'd miss it. Not so this year.Frankly, I find it inspiring. Especially right now as I'm in the midst of trying to lose weight (again). It's amazing what child-bearing does to a body. I had finally lost my baby weight from Zack the summer before last (2007) and was feeling great...then I went and got pregnant again. ;) This time around I can't do as extreme and strict a diet as I did that summer, since I'm still nursing (and I don't want to wait 'til Austin's a year old to get started losing this time!) So I'm going with something more "doable" and also something that I could do for a lifetime (unlike the STRICT plan I did before) It's called Weigh Down Workshop and is biblically-based.

So, I'm TRYING to do that, and trying to work out as well. I've gotten a workout in today and yesterday. I figure two days in a row is a flippin' record since I have to work around the boys to be able to do it. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be nice outside so I think we'll change things up and go for a walk. That will be nice. :)

Zack is hilarious when I work out to videos though. Yesterday he was trying to do it with me, and coach me at the same time. "No Mommy, put your arms like this." "Ok Mommy, stretch your legs out more!" "Jump Mommy!" At least I have a cheering section, right?

Now, enough about me --- let's talk a little about the show! So I like most the people still on right now, but I'm partial to Felipe and Sione.
I also really like Mike and his dad, Ron. I'm not a big fan of Tara and Lara, the former models. Tara is so self-possessed and Lara is such a whiner! Oi.
Anyway - Bob (the trainer) is getting on my nerves a little this season. He seems more worried about the gameplay this go-around than the people. Jillian, on the other hand, I really like. Though I think I'd probably die if she worked me out! She's tough!Ok, enough of that. Just thought I'd rant a little since all this weight loss stuff is on my mind. (and I'm still on a bit of a "high" from today's workout). Oh, but one more thing: I'm ticked about how they ended the show last night! UGH! Ok, I'm done...

Happy weight-loss! :)

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  1. Good luck with the weightloss! I am trying to get rid of the extra weight from four kids! It's crazy! My mom has down the weigh-down workshop before and had success.