Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proof I’m Losing My Mind

Consider this:

-After putting creamer in my coffee, I proceeded to put the creamer away in the cabinet where I keep the coffee cups. I didn’t realize I’d done this until AFTER I closed the cabinet.

-I had just changed an exceedingly poopy Austin diaper. I wrapped it up and tossed it…in Austin’s dirty clothes hamper. Luckily, I wrap diapers REALLY well.

-Josh and I were on our way home, talking in the car. I was about to tell him something, when he said he’d turned too soon. He asked what I was saying and I said something about being “thrown off” and not remembering what I was going to say. Josh said, “Thrown off?” To which I replied, “Three or four at least.”  He looked at me strangely.   It took us a couple seconds to realize *I* thought he’d said “Three off.” (as in how many streets off from the correct turn)

Any further evidence needed? I’m sure I’ll accumulate more VERY soon.

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