Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smile for the camera...

So today was the big "picture" day for the boys. It was Austin's first "professional" photos and the first Zack's had since last year. Austin actually did really well. Zack had some issues following directions... When the photographer asked him to lay on his side... he ended up on his stomach. When she asked him to cross his legs... he crossed his ankles. It was quite interesting! :) We ended up basically trying to pose him like a doll.

Austin on the other hand did really well, but wouldn't really smile for the photographer. We did get a few good ones of him though, and a couple good ones of them together (though Zack had a hard time holding on to Austin since he's 14 pounds already!)

So all-in-all it was a good experience, and I'm glad we got it done. And hopefully this post doesn't seem TOO disjointed... I'm a little sleepy and Austin is fussing, so I'm distracted! Hopefully I'll get a more "thoughtful" post up tomorrow. :)

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  1. well, even though you had to "pose" Zack, at least he cooperated! Ethan's 3 year didn't go terrible, but he doesn't really like doing pics at a studio. he'll pose and cheese it up all day for the camera at home. but take him to a studio and let the whine fest begin! ;) Great pics by the way...they really are adorable!