Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Little Late…But Still Thankful

So, I have yet to get a post up about our Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma…but I’m finally getting to it now!

We left Des Moines at 4am the day before Thanksgiving. We left this early on our last trip to Oklahoma and it worked out really well because we arrive around 2pm and we get more time with my family. :)

Mom and Jake outdid themselves with the food, as usual. It was all delicious!




It was Austin’s first Thanksgiving, so we let him try a drumstick (basically just for photo opportunities…) He LOVED it! In fact, he cried when I finally took it away.


Zack, on the other hand, had this reaction when I GAVE him a drumstick. Suffice to say, our boys are different in many ways. ;)


Thanksgiving night, we celebrated Christmas with my family. The boys had  a lot of fun and got lots of fun new things.

I was blessed with this awesome gift… Footie pajamas from my mom.


Complete with MONKEY FEET! (I laughed…A LOT)


Besides all the holiday festivities, we of course had to get outside with the boys. The weather was beautiful! Zack spent most his time outdoors with Grandpa. One of the first orders of business…riding the tractor, of course!


And Austin had to get out to see Whisper and Bunny, of course. Bunny just wanted to know if they were hiding any treats…


And Whisper wasn’t about to be outdone.


We had a great time in Oklahoma, and loved getting to spend time with my parents and my brother, Jake. And we’re looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad again this week as they come up to see Zack in his Christmas program!

For now, goodbye from Reindeer Austin…


And Zack… uh, I mean, Luigi. ;)


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