Thursday, July 9, 2009

Behind the Times…

Ok, so I’m severely behind in my blogging. As for excuses, I have plenty (trust me), but I won’t bore you with them all. Suffice to say, blogging took a backseat for awhile there. I’m hoping now, I can do a bit of catching up, and stay a little more up to date. ;)

Let’s start with the fact that my boys are growing so quickly I hardly know what’s happening.

Austin just turned 7 months on the 4th of July and is learning new things CONSTANTLY. He’s doing so many new things lately I feel like I can hardly keep up! A few highlights: He now has two teeth (and is desperately working on some more), he’s thoroughly enjoying stage 2 baby foods (with a particular fondness for veggies), he can sit VERY steadily now and needs no help from Mommy, he can get pretty much anywhere he wants…but gets there in reverse (he hasn’t quite mastered “forward” motion yet), and the latest as of tonight is he can get himself from his stomach up into a sitting position (he was QUITE pleased with himself about that one!) WHEW!


As for Zack, he just blows my mind some days with things he notices or remembers. He’s also coming up with his own “sayings” now. I’m not quite sure of his motivation for some of them, but he’s getting them from somewhere! His new favorite: “You silly potato!” (seriously, I have no idea). He’s also learning to write, and is doing really well with his workbooks, tracing shapes, numbers and letters. He can also write his name pretty well on his own now.


Ok, next…4th of July was fun this year (although we really missed the Carlisle parade, which was cancelled due to the weather). We DID get to see fireworks this year though – and it was the first time Zack saw them. We were up late, but it was worth it :)

I may not have girls, but I still have to “dress up” my kids. :)  Here are the boys in some 4th of July garb…


We went to Norwalk this year to see the fireworks. It was really nice! (just a little cool – hence the jackets and blankets!) It was also VERY humid, which explains my hat ;)


Zack had fun playing with sparklers with Aunt Cassidy and 2nd-Cousin Tory while waiting for the fireworks to start. (He calls them “sprinklers")


He did get a little close for comfort a couple times… (look out Papa!)


Other than that, we’re trying to spend time outside, but the frequent rain has kept us inside more than we (especially Zack) would like. But we do get out for walks and time in the backyard.


Zack loves being outside and exploring…and also making a sword out of any stick (or anything that looks remotely like a stick) that he can find. He also loves to “jog” with me. Even though I have to circle back to him many times, he keeps going and is quite pleased that he’s exercising with me. He’s quite the cheerleader! (“You can do it, Mommy! You can do it!”)

And with that, I’ll wrap up. It’s overload for sure, so I’ll try not to wait so long between posts next time, and spare you all the lengthy rambles ;)

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